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We provide a safe and dignified stay for refugees from Ukraine

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GE Operator Humanitarian Center located in Warsaw, at ul. Modlińska 6D, at the premises of the Global Expo exhibition hall, provides free stay for refugees and humanitarian aid. The center accepts refugees 24 hours a day, ensuring good living conditions. From March 3, 2022, we have already helped over 70,000 refugees from Ukraine. People have found a place of stay in Poland and abroad.

Our facility is adapted for disabled people. 


Guests arriving at the facility are kindly requested to report to the main building (see map) at the main reception desk and fill in the registration form and present an identity document (passport, driving license, ID card or other document). We accept individuals who travel to us with their own transport and organized groups. Groups of more than 20 people, please contact us in advance.


The stay and use of the GE Operator Humanitarian Center facility takes place under strict conditions described in the terms and conditions of stay. If you need additional help, please contact the reception desk or a volunteer on site. Important announcements are made through loudspeakers.

What we provide

During a temporary stay at GE Operator Humanitarian Center, we will provide refugees free of charge: accommodation, full board, bathrooms with hot water and toilets, medical care, a psychologist, a playground for children, a cloakroom, parking for cars and coaches. The safety of stay is ensured by: facility security, police, border guards, fire brigades and volunteers.


GE Operator Humanitarian Center it is possible to travel by bus to other cities in Poland and to countries in Europe, the USA and other destinations. If you are ready to leave, you must report to the reception desk and enter your name in the waiting list. Before leaving, please unregister at the reception and take all your belongings. We are not responsible for items left or lost during your stay on the premises.

Mutual assistance among refugees

If you know several languages, you can help the organizers in organizing the stay of people on the premises, report to the main reception desk. Every help is important and necessary!

How to get to us


GE Operator Humanitarian Center located in Warsaw, at ul. Modlińska 6D (Global Expo Fair Center) can be reached independently with your own transport, organized transport or public transport.

There is a free car park for cars and buses on the premises.

Access by public transport

Bus numbers
118, 186, 211, 509, 705 (night)

Trams numbers
18 and 20

Please provide the exact address: Centrum Targowe Global Expo, Warsaw, ul. Modlińska 6D – entrance from ul. Modlińska, main gate.

Railway connections

GE Operator Humanitarian Center
(Global Expo Fair Center)
Modlińska 6D street
03-216 Warsaw (Żerań district, on the S8 route)

72V5+H5 Warsaw

GPS (location coords)


We enable refugees from Ukraine to travel to selected countries in Europe, including: Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Italy and Portugal. We organize trips by coaches and buses directly from our GE Humanitarian Center in Warsaw.
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