Hear My Story


“Soldiers came to our house and took my dad. A neighbor told me he was killed.”

Teenager Andriy Tkachenko (15), arrived at the Modlinska center in the summer of 2023, along
with his 23-year-old brother. He came from the Kherson region of Ukraine, where before the
war he was a school kid with lots of friends. His mother tragically died when he was young and
he lived with his father and brother.

His Story:
“During the war we stayed in our house where life was tough. We had electricity but no food
or running water. One day Russian soldiers came to the house and took my father. I later heard
from a neighbor that he was killed. I also feared for my own safety. One day I was driving a
motorbike when soldiers fired at me with a machine gun. Another time I was on a bus when a
missile just passed by me. I want people to know about the reality of war and that it is still continuing.”

The Future:
Though he misses his house, Andriy wants to remain in Poland and he is aspiring to be a
computer programmer. He wants to be educated in Poland and go into IT. He already has a
number of close friends, some from his home town. His brother also wants to remain in
Poland, but wants to help with military initiatives.

An Ask For Help:
Andriy needs essentials to help his dream, like a laptop to support his education and clothing
for school and for play.